And several years later…

So, I completely forgot I had this thing. This was a mandatory middle school project my class had to make in seventh grade. The majority of my class men suck. I hate them with a passion, as they don’t know up from down. The transition these kids made (including myself) has been amazing. The kids aren’t alright, man. Everyone has changed, and not for the better.

Sex, sex… sex? Why is it every where, and why does everyone have to talk about it? That is a private matter, children! NO ONE ELSE’S BUSINESS, KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT…. darned rascals.

I have noticed change in everything. Perhaps it has just been the fact that I have been so blinded and upset by change, that my eyes seemed sewn shut to protect me. I dont like what this nation is coming to. United States of America. We expose everything, and yet we cant speak our minds. At my high school, if someone takes an offence to something you say, you get a misdemeanor. A MISDEMEANOR! Does this seem fair? Logical? Why can we be exposed to sex on a daily basis, but we cant speak our minds, or stick up for ourselves? If we are engaged in fight, why are we expected to not fight back? It is human instict to fight! It is human instinct to reproduce! IF YOU CAN EXPOSE ONE, YOU SHOULD EXPOSE THE OTHER.

That, or make this nation the clean place it used to be. Where is the modesty? Where is the pride? Where are the morals? Out the window, folks. Out the fucking window.

In reality..

Some children are not responsible at all. MOST children are not responsible at all. Then you have the kids who have gone through a few things and are easily capable of recognising right from wrong. Sometimes responsibility and experience does not come with age, but with mental capacity and understanding.

Sometimes kids experience more than some adults. Another problem is sometimes the adults are more of the kids than their own offspring, in which case is extremely scaring to those certain kids. In this case, it would be the child that is more mature than the adult. Most of the time these results are switched. This is why it is better not to judge any one until you have really gotten to know that person.

I know a girl my age who claims she is mature… but she is a compulsive liar. I have carefully analyzed this situation. I have come up with the conclusion she just wants to look cool and fit in. How ever she is being SO immature for her age that she does anything but. She talks back to her parents, cries about things really not worth crying over, and she calls ME. She has it ten times better than I do, and at least I can appreciate what I have. I love everyone I really know. I love this kid, but she really annoys me. I also want to see how she will grow up to be. Why can she not appreciate every thing given to her? she has two great parents who love her and want her to go down the right path, unlike her sibling.

Why are we incapable of appreciating what we have while we have it? Why do we continue to deceive ourselves into thinking that we are the victims, when really it is the silent people around us, who have so much less than we do, that are the happy ones?

Even my questioning sounds selfish. So many people have it worse than I do.  This is why I am capable of appreciating what I have. This is what is really sad: Sometimes I think I have it bad, and then I have to really think about what I have to realize I am one of the lucky ones. I am one of the selfish ones. Why should I be really upset about what I have?

I hope you are capable of realizing what you have is great and you have it so much better than so many other people. Or maybe you are the one that suffers, and you do have to rise against what brings you down. If you live in a house, have food water, and are not abused in anyway, you have it pretty  good.

Every Thread

Isn’t it odd how much one thing can change a person? You can usually tell by a difference in some one’s look how they are feeling. Sometimes people completely change the way they act or look. The purpose of this is not because they “Just feel like it.” Something else made them that way. Whether it was just a thought or a realization. Usually the change is a mental change. People who wear light colors are either happy or they are covering for something. People who wear darker colors are either looking for some kind of attention and say they are sad, or some really are sad and tell you they aren’t.

Actions also help you determine if someone is lying or not. Sometimes when you are asking someone about something they will look you directly in the eyes and stay still, meaning they are being completely honest. If they can not keep steady eye contact (blinking unnecessarily, look away while directly talking to you) then the chances are they are lying. Constant fidgeting is another given sign… unless these people are just paranoid you will never tell.

Tone of voice can also be helpful in understanding someone. Think about when you are sad and you want to cover it up. You sound too happy. It sounds awkward. If someone is acting sad but they aren’t, listen closely to their voice. usually when someone is about to cry their voice sounds involuntarily choppy, or they can’t really talk. If their voice is smooth, you know it is just for attention.The problem with this is some people have perfected this action.

This is what makes us. Our threads in life. Do you think you could even control it if you even wanted to?

Finished Movie

I made a “movie” in my computers class. We were allowed to make it about anything, as long as it is appropriate. I wanted to make mine about a tree growing, dying, and re growing. My teacher made me have a good point about mine, and wanted it to have words on the pictures. Not what I wanted. And I will redo it at home in a week… the end of school. HAHA! No authority, at home. I already know what is right and wrong, what is appropriet and what is not.

Well, here it is:   

Give it Life


They say a philosopher questions life. Did you ever wonder if they really were just questioning themselves? If you want to know why we are here- is it really you just questioning your own very existence? Or do you really want to know what our purpose of being here is? Either way it is you questioning yourself. Like a battle in your head, it makes you think.

Believe me on this- it is much better to question than to think you know the answer. Thinking, reflecting, what ever helps you cope, is worth every second. And even though at times it is hard to think about a few questions you want answered, sometimes it can lead you to answering your own question.

Do you still believe it is not worth it? Do you still believe it’s easier to forget? Nothing is easy to forget if you have once questioned it. No one that has been in your life at some point can you forget. They say it’s easier to forgive and forget- but all in all can you cope with that? Do you really think you could forget so easily? Honestly… can you even bare to question yourself on this?

Maybe it is not as easy as you would think. In the end you will find who is right. In the end you may think it does not matter… but doesn’t it?


I made a “movie” if you will, using windows movie maker. It is a tree in it’s growth, life, dying and regrowth stages. I used music by Tool. I will show the movie in another blog later.

Words are Nothing but

In my other blog “To Think” the saying I referred to did mean to watch what you say- so you do not offend any one or hurt someone’s feelings. There are other things said that contradict that one. I can better understand the ones that pretty much tell you to get over it- they make sense. Words do you no physical pain. I can also understand some that make you mad, or sad- serious ones. Not name calling or anything  juvinille. I remeber when I was little I was told not to cry over something simple. With this I never understood why someone would cry over profanity.

Music Mix

In my computers class we made a music mix on the program called audacity. We had to take three different songs, crop them down to 30 seconds, and them mix them. I chose three songs- Counting Bodies like Sheep (To the Rhythm of the war drums) By A Perfect Circle- Walk Away By Five Finger Death Punch- and The Grudge By Tool.



“Tool The Grudge.” YouTube. Web. 5 May 2010.

“Five Finger Death-Punch Walk Away .” YouTube. Web. 5 May 2010.

“10.Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums.” YouTube. Web. 5 May 2010.

To Think

Another saying told to children who open their mouth before they think about what they actually say is “Think before you speak. ” I remember I always used to think before I spoke- yet I still got into trouble. In all honesty, does it not matter what they think? Take it into consideration some people think what they say is appropriate.

You are unable to control what someone thinks. A slap on the hand or punishment should not break will.

There was someone (he must have been mentally ill) who did experiments on this… but instead of a simple slap on the hand, he used shock therapy. It was torture, and through this method he found he really could change some one’s opinion by his “treatments.”

Another sick person lived in the Hitler’s time. This man took children in that Hitler allowed him to take (from concentration camps). He found ways to change eye color, cure diseases, and find pain killers. The problem with this is he injected solutions in the eyes to change colors- gave the diseases in order to cure them- caused pain to kill it. In doing this he killed many children.

So instead of thinking before you speak, shouldn’t it be think and consider before you act? History often repeats it’s self, so shouldn’t we care a little less about ourselves and a little more about other people?

So… Unexplainable

HAHA!!  It doesn’t matter. Cause I have flippy fingers. Ah ha. Indeed, quite. Blog.

Anyways… I am bored and I guess you must be too. You are reading this, aren’t you? No you must not be… you are dreaming… are you, now? SO WEIRD. Head triiiiip.


or can I? SO WEIRD.

I like music. I was raised around musicians. ‘TIS IN MEH BLOOD….


And I do. Indeed. Quite.

Fact is Mir fact, and you are merely human. As am I, but that is not the point I continue to aim for. Perhaps I am… maybe not.